oiling the Vandercook SP 15

Hi Paul,

We have a very squeaky Vandercook SP 15. (Not exactly sure the area that squaeks).

I see there are no holes for oil, so how and where do we oil it?


Maria Lee

UA Letterpress Lab, Tucson, AZ

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Paul Moxon, Moderator
11 years ago

Do heed John’s advice. My guess is that the squeak is at the rider (the small steel roller). Apply a small amount of Vaseline with a piece of card stock to the shaft on which it turns.

To oil the cylinder eccentric find recess (may be painted red) in ring behind collar of hand crank and opposite at push rod.
To oil the form roller bearing block: remove roller disassemble and manually apply to core.

Per the manual: wipe the cylinder bearers, bed bearers, under rails and carriage bearings with a slightly oiled rag daily.

John Henry
11 years ago

There definitely are oil holes in the SP15 press. While the manual doesn’t give a complete run-down on where they are at, it does indicate how often various lubrication should be done, and you should find a manual and start the lubrication schedule immediately. Manuals are available online and also fro NA Graphics. Look for tubes leading to spots where bearings might be, and look at all the places where moving parts come together and you will see small holes for oiling.

Yopu are correct in wondering if squaks might be due to insufficient lubrication, and now is not too late to start the lube routine.

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