OS Side Guide Parts Needed

side_guideI’m looking for missing parts for an old style side guide (for my No. 3). It’s not an immediate need, as the press is disassembled for cleaning, but I would like to try and use this one (when completed) if at all possible. I know Fritz has a new side guide available, so if I can’t locate the parts I’ll probably pick one up from him.

The first image is what I currently have – the second image is taken from Daniel’s similar post from 2007 and indicates the parts I am seeking, minus the spring.












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Paul Moxon, Moderator
8 years ago


Fritz Klinke
8 years ago

Ok, the pressure is mounting, the phone calls from Paul are incessant, my guilt feelings are building, so I will get these parts made. I have the prints somewhere on my desk, based on Paul’s first plea about a year ago. Our new gripper bar for the Universal I posted earlier fits and functions as it should, so that has given me some confidence to continue adding to the Vandercook parts inventory.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
8 years ago

I’ve checked with Fritz. He could of course have them made, but the cost would be too great for a one-off. However, that’s the way to go for critical parts where precision is required. For example, I tested a 3-D printed worm crescent, but found that the stem diameter was too large and that the bevel was not present on the crescent points. I was able to file to shape, because the steel was softer that what is used in one made to original spec.

Dave Seat
8 years ago

Have you checked with Fritz to see if he has the parts you need? He may also have the spares and not just complete assemblies.


Paul Moxon, Moderator
8 years ago

I also have an incomplete (spare) OS side guide. I need the adjusting screw (LR-44) and one adjusting nut (LB-10). I know someone who’s willing to 3-D print them. I need to send him measurements or the parts I do have. I’ll report back soon.

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