Potter proof press, serial numbers

SN = PE20?
SN = PE20?

I have a Potter proof press No. 2. The badge says A. F. Wanner & Co, not Hacker, so maybe an early one. I want to add it to the census but can’t be certain what the serial number is. Below the badge is a small number plate that says PE20. That seems like a strange serial number – what could the PE mean? There is also a number on the end of the gear track that says “No. 667”. Could this be the serial number?

Number on gear track
Number on gear track
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Paul Moxon, Moderator
14 years ago

I don’t have a clue what PE20 stands for. Perhaps there is a reference in an advertisement in one of the type catalogs: ATF 1912 or BBS. I don’t have either at hand. (Fritz?)

There’s no doubt that 667 is indeed the serial number of this particular machine. Thanks for the photo, this is a good reference for other folks trying to locate it under decades of grime.

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