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I thought I’d offer up a link to some fun for your 3 day weekend.

In honor of Vandercook’s 100th, I put together a little papercraft version of my SP20 to share with everyone. Don’t know what papercraft is?

It’s this:

Papercraft Prototype

Make your own SP20 at any size you’re willing to print. Feeling crazy? Scale it up to 1370% and build it life-size! (Your individual impressional strength may vary).

Available as a PDF and an EPS file for infinite-scalability.

The files, larger photo, and legalese are all over at Baltimore Print Studios.

And for the very sharp-eyed, the model above was the prototype version of the final file.
And for the nerds, yes, I printed it on an SP20.

Have a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “Print your own Press!”

  1. To print one’s press — the ultimate tribute! Thanks, Kyle, for creating this astonishing project. Outstanding!


  2. Awesome! This must’ve taken some time to make.

    Print on greyish paper, add some blotches of oil and ink, and we could really get a working SP20 :-)

    Again, awesome!



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