Printing with a deckle edge (Universal III)

I’m pretty sure i know the answer to this but…….

I have this very beautiful paper that I want to print on and it has a deckle edge.  Are there any tips or tricks to get it to print straight?  It comes pre sized in certain sizes with the deckle edge, so there is nothing to cut down after.  I ordered a sample and it took me two or three tries to get it straight.  I’m sure that there isn’t really a good way to do this, but thought I would check here to see if anyone’s tried anything that works.  I’m thinking the workaround is to design the piece where you can’t tell if it’s off a little.


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Caveworks Press
6 years ago

That’s a toughie, for sure. Even if you had a guide sheet and fixed your paper to it, it would still be hard to line up with the variations possible. I only have one idea. Trim one side straight, and later do a water tear with a heavy ruler to “fake” a deckle on that side. Make it the top or bottom and one that would not be obvious (if you frame it). It won’t look like the natural deckle upon close examination, but it may allow you to get all your registration right.

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