Remove Vandercook 4 Motor

I recently bought a Vandercook 4 with an engine that doesn’t run. I plan to bring it to a local motor shop for repair early in the new year. Does anyone have any tips for successfully removing the motor and / or any essential information that should be passed on to the mechanic?


Kyle Schlesinger

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Paul Moxon, Moderator
14 years ago

Removing the electric motor is not difficult.
Disconnect the wiring from the motor.
Remove the coffin shaped belt guard and belt.
Remove the nuts from the four adjusting screws from which the motor hangs.
You will need a second person to spot the motor as you loosen the nuts.

There should be a label on the motor with the specs:1/4 HP, 11/5/230v, 1750rpm

See Sheet 107 of the manual if needed.

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