Sounds silly but I have a Vandercook 3, mid 1950s vintage and want to remove the drawers to be refinished. I can’t figure out how to get them out, there must be a trick. I’ve searched this site and Briarpress for an answer but no luck. thanks much. 

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5 thoughts on “Removing a cabinet drawer”

  1. Well the problem (can see it in my fist phot) the drawer was put in without the two guide rails inside the receiving rails. The drawer then rode low and the lever jammed before being visible. After some muscle and lifting the drawer came out. I had it sandblasted and then powder coat finish. It’s still tricky to get the rails in right but without rust it works better.

  2. I’m headed to Iowa City soon and I noticed there’s a 3there at Public Space. I’ll see if they have a cabinet like mine. Their 3 is of similar vintage.

  3. That would be handy but there is no lever. I’ll post pictures of the situation. Seems some mechanism is along the rail but it doesn’t move with raising the drawer. Long screwdriver can’t seem to move anything to release the drawer. Puzzling.

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