Removing the inking drum on a Uni 1 ?

Hello, Has anyone replaced the wooden bearings on the inking drum of a Universal 1 press?, I noticed some side to side play in the inking drum awhile ago and ordered replacement wooden bearings from N.A. Graphics. But I was unclear on how to remove the inking drum and ended up leaving it as was since it still worked fine. Now part of the inking drum no longer takes ink and I have to make the repair., Do you loosen the chain gear cog from the axel and slip it out to the side?, I have tried to loosen the screw on the metal disc that holds the inking drum axel on the back of the press but the metal disc does not seem to move. the disc on the front does not have a screw., Is the drum axel permanently attached to the inking drum or does it come out?, It is a very tight space to work so any help or advice would be greatly appreciated., Vandercook Universal 1, 1961,  Serial # 21175, Thank you, Gunars prande <>

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John Henry
12 years ago

I have an extra inking drum from a Universal III, and someone, when they took it out of the press, removed the shaft which stuck and carried one of the wooden bearings inside the drum, so that it is inside the drum, and would make a racket if not removed before the drum were mounted. Fortunately, I have no need of the drum at this point, but I just wanted to give a warning to anyone trying to remove a drum if the shaft hangs up on the bearings as you push it through.

Just something to watch for as you go through this process.

John Henry

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