Reprex 1 Manual

I have a Reprex 1 proof press that has a broken trip/print mechanism and need a manual for direction in fixing it or at least that would provide a picture of what it should look like and how it works. Also, the tray that captures all the ink under the drum is filled with hardened old gunk. Does that tray pull out for cleaning or is it stationary? This press is a mess but I still think usable with some work. Any help/advice would be great. Thanks!

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Mike Day
7 years ago

Reprex did not have much of a manual. What they have can be viewed here under Other Brands/Reprex (see top of page). The ink clean up tray has bolts that have to be removed to take it out. If you can send a photo or two, maybe some of us who have used and worked on these presses can help you.-Mike

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