Reprex No. 1 Questions

I have recently “acquired” a Reprex No. 1 Proof Press, and I say “acquired” because it’s as good as mine as long as I move it from it’s current location.  Does anyone have any particular advice/lessons learned about moving these things?

Also, it’s not in a working order right now so I will be restoring it and I’m sure that along the way there will be pieces and parts missing… is there anywhere online that anyone would suggest finding parts for these?

Lastly, before I begin this restoration, is there a schematic or manual of one of these things anywhere?  If so, I have yet to find it!

Thank you in advance!

  • Graham

4 thoughts on “Reprex No. 1 Questions

  1. jgraham - October 22, 2018

    I am not sure if disassembling the entire thing is completely necessary, I’ve just found it to be much easier to refurbish something if it’s taken apart, this is my first time doing this on this style press!.. I’ve only refurbished two C&P platen presses before. It’s got rust and grime on everything, I can’t image being about to properly clean it without taking it apart.

  2. Paul Moxon, Moderator - October 22, 2018

    Is it really necessary to completely disassemble? I worry about re adjusting the carriage bearings eccentrics. Wear on the under rails always makes it tricky. Perhaps you have applicable skills and experience. Please document the process well. (I have not yet done so for a Reprex).

    For the Reprex census, please tell me where you’re located, where you acquire the press and its born on date:

  3. jgraham - October 21, 2018

    Thanks! I got the press moved safe and sound and now I need to restore it. I’m planning to just take the entire press apart and clean it part by part. Is there any particular methods I should or should not use when cleaning this?

  4. Paul Moxon, Moderator - October 8, 2018

    You’ll find the Reprex resource page here:

    The stated shipping weight for the No. 1 is 850 lbs.

    As to moving it. Remove the hand crank and feed board and secure the carriage to the bed.

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