I recently acquired a Reprex No.1 with manual inking from 35+ years of storage. In that time it has had a few parts go missing that I will have to make new as finding parts I’m guessing will be next to impossible.

My understanding is that the manual inking No. 1s are supposed to have an oscillating  distributor roller and mine is missing. I was wondering if someone with a manual inking No.1 could provide pictures and a dimensions of the distributor roller specifically length and outside diameter.

My second missing parts are the entire sheet guides, and adjusting screws on the gripper bar and was hoping someone could remove one of theirs and provide photos. All I have is one spring and the studs that adjustment knob screws onto.

My final question is that this press does not seem to have a deadline etched on the bed and I was wondering how far the deadline is supposed to be from the head of the bed.





5 thoughts on “Reprex No. 1 Measurements Needed”

  1. Lee – The circumference of the dist roller is 19 1/8″. The bed length to the center of the pins that hold my non-lock bar is 26″. I seem to be struggling to send pics on this forum. Can you email me at itstheheat@gmail.com and I will send you pictures.

  2. So, Lee, sorry for the delay. I have attached a photo showing the bed length. Getting a measurement on the dist. roller has proven difficult… I have a new plan and will work on achieving that today.

  3. Nancy that would be awesome and a real help. I am looking forward to the pictures and information.


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