*SOLD* Restored Vandercook 4 *SOLD*

Price: $16,500

This 1954-manufactured press (s/n 16797) initially served in southern California.  In 1975 the shop where it was located closed and it was removed to storage in a shed in southern Arizona.  It remained there until 2015 when it was purchased by and moved to Skyline Type Foundry in Prescott, Arizona.  This poor old press was extremely dirty and the original urethane form rollers had melted down through it, but otherwise it was complete and very well-preserved.

In the fall of 2016 restoration began.  It was totally dismantled and all parts cleaned, stripped, inspected, and refinished.  Reassembly and fine-tuning of this completely restored press has just been finished and it is available for purchase.  Because this machine has been in storage for two-thirds of its life, it’s in extraordinarily good condition—no measurable wear was apparent on any part.  (The bed under-rails, which are the critical wear-point on a Vandercook, still show machining marks from the manufacturing process.)  Restoration was accomplished at STF by Sky Shipley and Troy Groves, sparing no effort nor expense.  (Sky has been trained by and worked with Paul Moxon, the nationally-known Vandercook expert.)  We believe that there is no “newer” Vandercook 4 to be found anywhere.  It’s available for inspection and hands-on testing in Skyline’s pressroom.

Included with the press are:
Operation/Maintenance/Parts Manual with additional documentation
New Motor & Wiring
New Ramco Form Rollers
New Top Sheet & Packing
Head Dead Bar
Positive Lockup Bar
Sheet Delivery Tray
Roller Setting Gauge
Pressure Ink Well (New-Style)

Crating or delivery/setup is negotiable.  For questions or further information, please email sky@skylinetype.com.

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