Sky Shipley

Model 4 Gripper Control Linkage Exposed

By request, here is a photo taken during our recent restoration of a Model 4, showing the hidden linkage for the gripper mechanism.  This linkage is between the base and the bed and is accessible only by removing the bed.  Stepping on the pedal pulls the chain downward, which pulls forward on the left end …

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*SOLD* Restored Vandercook 4 *SOLD*

Price: $16,500 This 1954-manufactured press (s/n 16797) initially served in southern California.  In 1975 the shop where it was located closed and it was removed to storage in a shed in southern Arizona.  It remained there until 2015 when it was purchased by and moved to Skyline Type Foundry in Prescott, Arizona.  This poor old …

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