Seeking a M-134 Feed Roller Frame Assembly for a No. 3

20150926_171858I have a Vandercook No. 3, the same one (SN 13165) here, that’s missing its M-134 feed roller frame assembly. I’m looking to first see if anyone has a spare (which I imagine is unlikely). Or if anyone has fabricated an alternative to the stock feed roller.

I’ve also looked into Paul’s suggestion here but the sprockets on the end of the form rollers need to be lifted above the gear rack to be rotated. Does anyone know if the original plans/drawings for the feed roller assembly, or possibly the similar lift assembly on a No. 4 are floating around somewhere? There are a few No. 3’s near me, one is owned by the individual that I purchased my No. 3 from, and I could probably take measurements from that press.

Edit: Another recommended post here, shows the lift arm bracket in more detail (thanks Paul!)




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Lad Boyle
8 years ago

You should talk with Fritz Klinke at NA Graphics – he has the drawings for Vandercook presses and can have parts made


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