Universal Problem

I am having a problem with a roller on my Universal. The roller closest to the feed board is binding and can’t be removed. The offending area is opposite the press operator. We can not move the carriage and the roller is not spinning.

We believe that a screw has worked loose and is not allowing the roller to move. I am concerned about using a lever on the rails to pop the roller out, but I am not sure how else to proceed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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The Arm
8 years ago

I haven’t seen the picture I imaging that Paul has but he is right- those Vandercook hollow screws are great.

To remove these when they have worked loose I have had luck in rotating the roller in the opposite direction of the way that it spin itself in order to jam up. This will allow the bolt that ran itself out an opportunity to run back into the roller core.


Paul Moxon, Moderator
8 years ago

You will need to apply leverage under the cores on each side. Use a long crow bar or and a 2×4. A more invasive option is to loosen the tie rods on each side of the carriage, although this might not be enough and you will need to pull back the side plate.

To keep this from happening again, you will need to upgrade your end screws. Right now they are simple shoulder screws. Vandercook had introduced a hollow screw (X-21012) with an interior dowel and set screw to slightly splay the diameter to prevent the screw from backing out.

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