The Vandercook Universal that I bought last week bears the number 21258. Could you tell how I can find out what year it was built? And would you like to add it to the census?

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  1. Thank you Fritz, for that valuable information. The press has been at the same printer for 50 years, Imprimerie Fournier in the 10th district of Paris. I’m waiting for an electrician to come and to disconnect it. I have also found a professional rigger/mover to take it to my workshop. It needs some cleaning though, before I will be using it.

  2. This is what the typical Vandercook file card looks like for their equipment. We add current owner’s name when we have the full information–name and address, and that way we can track ownership. There are also the older handwritten log books starting in 1909 that Vandercook used prior to the card system. In the case of Thomas’ press, Vandercook sold it to their French dealer, the type foundry, Deberny et Peignot, who then resold the press to the first owner/user. In 50 years of potential moves, this is the first time this card has been pulled for an update. It shows that this press had standard equipment (S. EQ.) and that it had a 220V, 50 cycle, single phase motor. It also shows that the bed of the press was milled to .928 for Didot height type/plates.

  3. Thomas, look just above to the top of the page, follow the “SERIAL NUMBERS” link, you’ll quickly find the year your press was manufactured in. However, Fritz of NA Graphics might be able to tell you more of its history, origins, etc, and Paul the admin of this site will likely be happy to add another Vandy to his census!

    Have fun with your new Uni.

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