SP-15 Ink Drum Lubrication?

My sp-15 started squealing today; I deduced the noise was coming from either the motor or the ink drum assembly – inspected the motor oil reservoir and topped it up without overfilling. Moved onto the ink drum assembly x 20613 and on removal found the ink drum shaft to be very resistant to rotation. I’ve loosened and removed the 2 x-19665 ink drum bearings; the ink drum gear and shaft and cleaned all components of the assembly. All components, including the phenolic lining of the drum appear to be in reasonable condition. One possible explanation for the squeal is that the ink drum shaft could not freely rotate due to a build up of grime; another might be that one of the ink drum bearings had shifted and was tight against the phenolic liner. On re-assembly the ink drum shaft rotates freely. My question for you all: which lubricant would you recommend for the ink drum shaft?

Hope all is well with you and yours

Looking forward to your advice

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Jonathan Jarvis
11 years ago

did the bike silicone grease work out???
On my Western are hardened steel cones going into bronze/brass bearings, so i used car CV joint grease, a nice lightweight one, as I thought oil might just be spun out and/or easily washed out by excess solvents when students clean up…….and a heavier grease like molybdenum sulphate ones be too sticky. i thought a lithium grease would be too light too.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
13 years ago

To answer your question at the end of your post: 20 wt oil should be sufficient to lube the drum bearings, but Mr. Klinke, may have the spec. I have not made this repair. Are the bearings made of wood as the are on earlier models?

Gerald Lange
13 years ago


I doubt this is anyway accurate, and am quite sure your problem is more intensive than this but for most others out there first of the roller related components to start complaining about neglect and creating a squealing noise is the rider roller.


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