Setting Impresion Bearings

Hello All,
I’m having a grand old time trying to set the bearings on my Challenge 15mp and it’s been over two weeks of adjusting, proofing and re-adjusting.

The main issue I’m finding is that my carriage shifts once the rear impression bearing comes in contact with the rail, causing the rollers to rise and not ink my form. I set my bearings in the middle of the bed and have read tons of literature online explaining the process, including Gerald’s explanation on this site. Does anybody have a solution to this endless trial and error process?


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Paul Moxon, Moderator
11 years ago

Sounds like you’ve been methodical. Perhaps you’ve already done this: place feeler gauges under each of the bearings and tighten incrementally as you would do with lug nuts on a tire.

I will think on this some more after I see an SP15 tomorrow.

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