SP-15 carriage reassembly problem

Removed carriage to safeguard for moving. Now putting it back onto the bed. Forgot to mark the gear for proper line up, but I’ve done this before a couple of times, resolved that issue by trial and error.

The main problem, and I don’t recall how I resolved it in the past: the nylon wheel attached to the sides of the press (the ‘nyliner’?), part of the trip mechanism, blocks the carriage from being easily rolled back on. On a regular pass, from resting position to the end of the bed, a lever hits the nylliners on both sides of the press, triggering the release… but in putting the carriage back on, I need to get the levers OVER the nyliner. The nyliner, all four of them, actually, are screwed down super tight and I’ve been unable to remove them.

I’ve done this twice before in the 20 years I’ve owned press, just can’t remember what to push in or jiggle to get enough clearance such that the carriage can be rolled back fully onto the bed.

Does this ring a bell for anybody?

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