New IMPROVED Form Roller Block Kit for the SP-20 / SP-25 inking system.

Fritz of NA Graphics has designed and had manufactured NEW SOLID Form Roller Supports and Bearing Block Assemblies for the SP-20 and SP-25 Vandercook’s.

On the fourth of July 2019 Dave and Beth Seat installed the first of these NEW inking system kits on a Vandercook SP-20 serial number 22475.

The press operators were amazed at the difference that this kit made in the quality of the inking on this press. Comments were “This press has never printed this well since we restored it even after installing new rollers”, “These parts look great and they are so solid, no more messing with keeping the rollers in the supports”.

CONTACT FRITZ: 970-387-0212

Pictures can be sent upon request. Please email Dave Seat at for the pictures.

7 thoughts on “Vandercook SP-20 / SP-25 Inking System Improvement From NA Graphics”

  1. Also…not bearing blocks, wrong term. I meant the roller support system. It’s very different on my model than previous it seems.

  2. This pictures helped explain my confusion of how they fit. I don’t think the new bearing blocks fit my press SN# 29569. The screws are lower and not aligned with the right and left screw holes.
    Looks like I’m missing one of the original bearing blocks. I’ve written the seller (super person!) to see if they see it lying around. If they don’t find it, anyone have an extra or another solution?

  3. @Nick Shick. Thank you for posting these! This is exactly the pictures I need to help me. Good to know how much you like them too.

  4. These two pics show the roller holders; the non-operator’s side, then the operator’s side (with press handle in the background)
    I found the system very easy to install and our press is now working like a dream. Totally worth the upgrade.

  5. Can anyone post pictures of the new system here? I’ll be installing it as well and would love to have some visual supports in this space. Thanks!

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