SP-15 Motor Update

On November 11, we installed the newly rewound motor into the SP-15. It is not as noisy as it was, but still noisier than our other press. Questions: 1. is there any way to dampen the noise? I was tempted to put some insulation in the chamber, but don’t want to cut down on heat exchange. 2. the oscillator is turning the opposite way from the other press. It turns clockwise from the operator’s side. The other press goes counter clockwise. Which is correct? The motor guys told me that it makes no difference which way the leads are hooked up, that the motor will turn the right way regardless. Is this true?

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John Henry
12 years ago

If the press is equipped with the auto-washup feature, it will not function properly if the drum is rotating the wrong direction — must be counter-clockwise.

Eric Holub
12 years ago

Counter-clockwise from the operator side is the only correct rotation. That is so the rollers are turning in the right direction, clockwise, as they leave the drum and then ink the form. This difference suggests the motor guys changed something.

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