Katie Harper

SP-15 Squeal

Got a bad squeal on the SP-15. Can’t figure out where the noise is coming from. Suspect that the back roller core is defective and the bearer is not holding it correctly. I think we need a new roller/core. Anyway, in printing the oscillating roller squeals badly. Just started doing this today. Any thoughts? Thanks.

SP-15 Trip issue

A student emailed me last night (I got the email this morning) that one of our SP-15s had stopped working in trip. The cylinder hits part of the trip mechanism and will not move. The cylinder moves fine in print. I cannot see any obstruction. Any help to a diagnosis appreciated.

Uni III Draw Sheets and Packing?

I wrote to NA Graphics earlier today to order some Uni III packing, but have not heard anything. We need something right away, and I’m wondering if anyone can recommend paper that we can use for packing under the tympan, which is mylar? I’m thinking of going back to a paper tympan also. Any thoughts?