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Paul Moxon, Moderator
2 years ago

On these models, a V-belt or timing belt (first used on #23248) connects the motor to the ink drum. The belt can be removed from the large pulley (on the drum) while stretching it and turning the drum by hand. If more slack is needed, loosen the motor-mount bolts on the underside of the motor bay then slide the motor forward. 

Drum Removal:
the drum springs, connected to the motor box, do not need to be removed to extract the ink drum. 
Remove the motor cover, belt guard, and belt.
Unfasten the cap release screws that pass through the drum shaft and supports.
If necessary, slide the motor forward by loosening bolts on the motor base.
See manual Sheets 282-A and 247, and the table at right.

Drum Reinstall: 
To balance the drum, place a spirit level on the drum to compare with the press bed. 
If needed, add shims to one of the shaft supports, and cut holes for the set screws. 

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