SP15 issue – uneven inking along length of bed

Not sure why I always run into issues when on deadlines… 

Having an issue where I get an impression but there just isn’t any ink on the form and would love to hear any thoughts on what the problem/solution might be.  The uneven inking is happening for the length of the press bed. Was printing perfectly an hour ago.

• I’m using a Box Car base so all is uniform.

• Have unlocked, cleaned the underside of the base, blown any dust debris way, relocked up the base, and confirmed that it is laying flat. 

• Confirmed that rollers are correctly positioned. 

•  Replaced the packing and mylar with new.



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Paul Moxon, Moderator
3 years ago

In addition to Ray’s advice, check the diameter of the rollers which should be 2.5″. Note that the ends can flare or shrink. If the diameter is significantly smaller, the roller with the gear can not be lowered as much of the other rollers because the gear will bottom out in the gear rack.

Ray Nichols
3 years ago

Try either moving the base to the left and see if the non printing area moves with it.
Try rotating the base 90° and 180° to see if the non-printing area moves.
Try lowering the rollers on the side where the non-printing is happening.

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