SP15 spare part, broken trip spring

I was levelling my press yesterday (SP15) and found a ‘spare part’ (?) lying beneath the press.
It has the same greyish colouration of the press and looks like it could be vital? The press is still printing, though might prefer to have the piece if indeed it belongs somewhere?  Is it part of the cylinder carriage or trip mechanism?
The part is square (1/8th of an inch) in section for most of its length then rounds at the end and resembles a punch, though without a cutting surface?  The square end is very shiny like it does the work?
I also discovered that the last half inch of my (non-operator-side) trip spring has broken, though not hanging down? not sure if this is related?
My press is pretty hard against the wall and I’m hoping I can replace the trip spring in this position?
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Paul Moxon, Moderator
6 years ago

This may be a square key that aligns the pulley on the gear motor shaft.

The trip spring is a separate issue. It will be nearly impossible to remove and install a new trip spring with the press parallel against the wall. The press is only 705 lbs. You should be able to swing it out with the help of another person or even a long crowbar or 2×4 (beam).

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