SP25 gripper problem

The SP25 at our school press (Virginia Commonwealth University – Bowe House Press) is experiencing difficulty when trying to raise the grippers. We tried oiling the exterior items that are attached – the X-22516 Gripper Shaft, but this did not help. This problem began in the past two weeks, before there was no indication of a problem. Has anyone experienced such a problem, if so was there a solution? Is there an internal section that may need oiled or is this a possible problem with the foot pedal? We made a video of this, located below, but it does not really show the problem as clearly as my just stating it.

This is a revised video – hopefully showing the problem more clearly. We did already check the packing and that was not the problem.


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Paul Moxon, Moderator
10 years ago

Also the auto gripper opener function is activated. To deactivate, so that grippers rise only when the pedal is depressed, push latch (X-14657) until spring is compressed. Then push down pin (X-14665). Paper will stay in place and the press room will be slightly less noisy.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
10 years ago

The grippers probably do need cleaning and lubrication, but check that the shaft and/or cams (disks), which contact the bottom of the gripper pins, are aligned. The shaft should be inserted into the hole of the cylinder casting on the operator’s side. There is wear on on the cams, grasp one and rotate to a fresh spot.

Less likely: If a cam is not resting next to a pin, loosen the two setscrews on the cam and push it forward and retighten.

To properly clean and lubricate the grippers, the gripper bar must be removed from the cylinder.
Remove the packing, retighten gripper bar screws, return carriage to middle of bed so that gripper bar is on its back, remove screws, then bar from press.
Remove e-rings and spring from pins, clean build-up from pins and push into body of gripper bar and grasp from head to extract. Clean holes in gripper bar, pin shafts and underside of the heads, file any burrs. Lubricate pin shaft with graphite and reassemble. Before reinstalling on cylinder, add a small amount of vaseline to bottom of pins. This is applicable to the SP20 and later Universals.

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