stopping oscillation of roller on SP-15?

Hi there,

Does anyone know how to temporarily stop the oscillation of the oscillating roller on an SP-15?

I have a project I’m hoping I can do a blending technique with, and I was thinking it would go much easier if there’s an easy way to stop the oscillation of that top roller. The area I’m blending is only about 5 inches wide total, and 3 colors, so it’s kind of a small, sensitive area. If I can’t stop the oscillation, it will blend too much too fast.

It’s not a big deal if it can’t be done or is too complicated, but after chatting with some friends, I figured asking here was worth a shot — thanks in advance.


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Eric Holub
16 years ago

The oscillation is caused by the crescent inside the roller moving in the worm on the shaft. Remove the crescent and the roller will be free-spinning. (You may need to improvise something to keep the roller from wandering sideways.) But with no oscillation at all, you won’t have any control over how the inks blend or distribute.
Everybody with a Vandercook should be familiar with the worm and crescent, and it is pretty similar on most models. First, roll the oscillator so that it covers the grooves on the shaft (the worm). There is a small allen-headed setscrew on the end of the roller, just above a small slot coming up from the worm. Back out the setscrew. Then look on the outer surface of the roller for a slotted screw. That is the crescent holder. Unscrew it and remove it. Then you can slide the roller sideways on the shaft, and the shank of the crescent will fit through the slot in the end of the roller. The crescent can be picked out of the worm now, and all parts cleaned and inspected.
To reinstall, reverse the procedure. Graphite grease is specified for lubricating the crescent holder, where the shank of the crescent goes into it. Vaseline is usd to lubricate the grooves of the worm.

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