Oscillator/Worm Gear

SP-15 Squeal

Got a bad squeal on the SP-15. Can’t figure out where the noise is coming from. Suspect that the back roller core is defective and the bearer is not holding it correctly. I think we need a new roller/core. Anyway, in printing the oscillating roller squeals badly. Just started doing this today. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Roller issues, squeaky sound on No.4

Revised. I’ve recently refurbished a No. 4. When the roller carriage is in contact with the ink drum (hence the form roller clutch is engaged), there’s an awful squeaking sound. The front rider roller does roll, and the oscillating roller seems sort of sluggish. It’s difficult to gauge where the sound is coming from, but …

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Challenge M Series Worm Gear Fabrication

I am having a new worm gear and crescent fabricated for a Challenge M series press.* I intend to have a couple of extra sets made. The cost per set will be $1,150 with free shipping within the US and Canada. This is less than having a one-off made. The Challenge census lists forty-one 15MA/MP and four 21MP. The gear …

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New info in SP-15 roller hesitation problem

Hey Everybody, It seemed like this was going to be a workable problem, but now in actuality it has taken a turn for the worse. Today we printed a navy ink with no problem, then washed up and put PMS 874 (gold metallic) on the press. Very quickly things went down hill. I am attaching …

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320G oscillating roller problem

I’ve been having some problems with the oscillating roller on my 320G.   It would stop rolling and begin to chatter as the cylinder traveled across the bed. When the cylinder changed direction it would begin to roll normally again.  I think this condition was caused by the worm gear and/or crescent. I adjusted the screw …

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