Support roller not contacting rail…

Vandercook SP15 Press # 25159

The support roller (I think that’s what that is) on the non-operator side of my press is not contacting the rail.  The operator side seems fine.  Why are mine made out of steel, but the ones in the manual are nylon, and there are four of them.  Is this the “ball bearing?”  Do I have no support rollers?  Also, what are the trucks?  I sent my inking roller cores to Rotadyne to be redone and they asked me to measure my trucks.  I’m pretty confused.  Help meeeeeee…….

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Gerald Lange
12 years ago

I think you may have an earlier SP-15, before the Teflon contraption was added. The Teflon contraption doesn’t help a wee bit and is simply one of those “replaceable” parts, that really doesn’t do do-do. Sort of like your car dealer parts guy will try to sell you. Though the earlier SP-15s before this addition are kind of junk presses I’m afraid to have to say. Basically the Teflon contraption is a marker.

Not sure why Rotadyne would be asking you to measure your trucks, since as Paul indicates, Vandercooks do not have them. Your local Rotadyne does have the specs or can get them from their affiliates. When they were Ideal Roller they made rollers for Vandercook, when Vandercook was still valid.


Paul Moxon, Moderator
12 years ago

To achieve the clearance Fritz recommends, use a feeler gauge, thin calibrated strips of metal available at automotive stores. Place the gauge on the bed bearer, roller the bearing onto it, adjust the bearing bolt on the outside of the carriage and tighten the lock screw.

Fritz Klinke
12 years ago

Those bearings are called the “Top Carrier Bearings” and are part X-20476. The assembly drawing X-20401 states as follows:

Note H: With the machine on Print, top carrier bearings to be set as follows:

A – Rear carrier bearings to be set to .005 to .007 clearance .

B – Front carrier bearings to be set to .001 to .002 clearance.

Thus, they are not to be set tight to the bed rails.

And though not stated on the drawing, settings like these are typically made with the cylinder positioned in the middle of the bed, not at the start position.

It sort of sounds like Rotadyne doesn’t quite know what they are doing in recovering these rollers.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
12 years ago

The part singled out in your photo is a carriage bearing. This is different that the nylon form roller support bearings, which are not present on your press.

When properly adjusted, the contact of the bearing is not as tight against the bed bearer (the smooth rail) when the cylinder is in print mode. When the cylinder is in trip mode the contact is stronger and you can see a gap between the cylinder bearers (smooth ends next to the gears), if not then the baering will need adjustment.

The bearings are roller bearings, that is there are eight ball bearings ringing a disc and covered by a thin sheet metal casing.

Trucks, are bearings mounted on the ends of form rollers on platen presses, such as a C&P. There are not trucks on Vandercook presses.

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