UNI-1 carriage balking continues

uni-1P-2Britt at Banshee Press continues to have a problem with her Universal I Power. In a comment to the previous post, I asked her to check for a loose and/or warped trip rack (X-14854). It’s worth noting that Vandercook made an engineering change to a more rigid part (X-21774 ), first used on press with serial number 21857. Fortunately, Britt’s press has a higher number and see seems to think this is not the problem.

I asked her to send me a new video showing the backside of the press (at right). One can see that the clunk happens just as the cam follower/bearing (X-2726) contacts the bottom of the trip wedge (flipper). The problem is likely that this linkage is grimy and/or loose. Inside the cabinet one can see the end of the linkage. Look for a sliding flat bar  and set screws.

If you can’t solve this, I will see a Universal I in Chicago next week.

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Jonathan Jarvis
9 years ago

just viewing video-if the carriage is not square on the bed, ie loose in some way ,not held in “tight” laterally to the press bed, it could be pulled off square on its return(though not sure the same in forward passage)so it would jam against the rails?
Probably very unlikely, press looks good.Or trip rack not moving back due to lack of oil/grease?

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