SP-15 Roller Bracket Issues

HolesBroken ScrewOne of our SP-15s has been experiencing inking issues; seems that we have to constantly adjust roller height and it gets out of whack very quickly. We discovered today two problems with the bracket that holds the roller bearing blocks (LH Bracket? Hard to see in our manual) and we’re wondering if these could be related to the lack of stability in the roller height.

1. One of the screws that holds the LH Bracket to the press (the bracket that raises or lowers the rollers) has broken off and part of the shaft is still in the hole.

2. The other issue is one of the bearing knobs is wobbly. Looks like the shaft that it fits into on the press body has worn so that it is no longer a snug fit.

Could these issues be related to inking? I figure the broken screw will require a screw extraction operation. Are these screws still available? I have posted some photos.


Katie Harper

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Paul Moxon, Moderator
9 years ago

Unless there is a little bit of the screw projecting out that could be backed out, you’ll need a extractor.
NA Graphics has these shoulder screws (X-10213). And if Loctite doesn’t fix the roller height knob NA has them too.

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