wanted to point you all to some pictures I took while removing, cleaning, and re-assembling the adjustable bed of my press.click here

3 thoughts on “universal I adjustable bed teardown”

  1. I didn’t machine the bed, so i left everything as it was and didn’t have to re-calibrate. I was considering machining the bed, and was considering how i’d get the dial adjusted accordingly, but I decided to put everything back together so I could print again.

    The hardest part was climbing all over the press to get leverage [the press is a little too close to the wall] and at one point I actually sat inside the main casting. I also accidentally advanced the carriage past the gear rack and had to re-position the cylinder correctly – but that only took a couple of minutes.

    After cleaning thoroughly, I wiped everything down with machine oil and used lithium grease for all of the rails. What was a very difficult and aggravating part of my press experience is now like a dream.

  2. Good work, Alex! You’ll be glad you did it! You shouldn’t need to calibrate it unless you moved the ruler. Even then, just put it back where it was. You can probably see the marks.

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