Universal III Motor and oiling

I own a Uni III PC AB with a Reliance motor.

I wanted to check the oil in the inking motor as there is a bit or a burning smell after a long day printing, and I assume the oil in this decades old machine has never been changed. Thus, it seemed appropriate to replace the oil.

In looking at my motor, I believe I see 3 ports. If you open the bottom screw, even gingerly, oil pours out. There is only one screw about 2″ above that, where oil also pours out. The oil that comes out is very black.  I lost a good tablespoon or 3 with the first 2 ports. Those are easy to access and open, and are located on the “front” of the motor–as in the part facing the door opening and there is the label with details attached to the space between those ports.

There is what looks like a third port at the back of the motor located higher than the other 2. It is hard to reach and was stuck fast. The back port after being doused in WD-40 (both regular and no-drip so it–allegedly–gets in there better) still would not budge. Somehow that screw appeared to be brass, so it eventually has become mashed. Unless I am mistaken, I believe this to be where I would add oil, but am concerned that at this point in may need to be bored out. Does this sound like it makes sense? Am I mistaken in what I am identifying as locations to add oil.


?Front of Reliance Motor with 2 ports Reliance Motor viewed from top with mashed screw in background (middle or image, -ish)



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Paul Moxon, Moderator
4 years ago

Leo, these motors were design to be hung vertically or horizontally. Don’t worry about the port on the back. Just drain oil at the lower port and add oil at the upper port on the front. The hex heads are 7/16″. If one in chewed up use a Gator Grip Universal socket.

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