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As time permits, I have been working to restore two Vandercook Universal III presses (#25942 and #27123) which I bought from a printing equipment dealer on the west coast and had freighted to me here in Brooklyn. I have been hounding poor Fritz with numerous questions and parts inquiries and thought it might be better to discuss my progress in this open forum so that others could put in their input and perhaps save NA Graphics and myself some time on the phone. Both of these presses are full power, have adjustable beds, ink monitor, ink reservoir, bed extension, tower, and automatic grippers.
So here I will mention a few things that have come up along the way and are as of yet unresolved.
First, I am in need of a metal feedboard edge and sheet side guide for one of these presses. This feedboard edge is also missing from Universal IIIs that are being restored by Fritz Klinke and Bryce Knudson. I am hoping that we can find a machinist that can make some for us for a decent price. Is anyone else in need of this part?
Second, I am in need of lockup bars for these presses, but so far I have only been able to find one for an SP20 which is an inch too wide. I can have it machined down, but would rather trade it for the correct part or I will probably just use it on one of my Vandercook 320Gs…

Here is the list of parts I am currently seeking for these presses:
1x Positive Lockup Bar or Dead Bar X-11645
1x Auto Frisket tower spring X-3550
2x Washup Tray X-17380
1x Sheet Side Guide B-26
1x Metal Feedboard Edge
1x Vibrator Crescent M-184
1x Adjustable Bed Scale X-6637
1x Adjustable Bed Scale X-6638
Adjustable bed output shaft and gears
Electrical Contact Points
Cycle Start Button
Roller Dust Cover Retaining Magnet
Gripper Lever Elbow

I will leave it at that for the moment, but I will be continuing to post regarding my progress on these presses and would very much appreciate any feedback, comments or encouragement. I have my work cut out for me!

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

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2 years ago

Hi Daniel,
I am just reading up on Universal III presses.
Those are nice high number presses you have,
Mine are a a year or two earlier but intact.
A shame that some of your missing parts are a bit hard to find.How did you make out?Would love to hear and see a pic or two

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