Hello all,

I have a Vandercook 2 in need of some sort of lockup or dead bar.  I don’t know if this type of press came with one originally.  Even if it didn’t, I’d appreciate guidance on how to specify one for a fabricator (or do it myself).

Thanks for your help! 

2 thoughts on “Vandercook 2 Hand Proof Press lockup bar”

  1. The width of the bed on a later model No. 2 is 24″. A positive lockup bar that length would be a very rare find.
    If you fabricate a steel dead bar it should be a 1/16″ shorter than the bed width for easy removal.
    The height should be significantly lower. For example, SPs are 5/8″ high (1/2″ would be fine) x 1″ wide.

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