Vandercook 223 – stops at end of track [bed]

The near side of the problem area of track
The near side of the problem area of track
The far side of the problem area of track.
The far side of the problem area of track.

I am a graduate student at Ohio University, having issues with our Vandercook 223. Serial no. 8160. I do not have the vocabulary to accurately describe the parts of the press involved, so I have included several videos and pictures to illustrate.

As the cylinder gets to the end of the track – where the registration clamps [gripper bar] disengage [releases]e – it becomes very difficult to move it forward. After the registration clamps [gripper bar] disengage [releases], it moves smoothly, but has the same problem on the return. This problem arose during normal use. Over the course of 2-3 prints, it became increasingly difficult to move past this point. I have checked the track/ gears thoroughly for any obstruction.

One issue which may be related is some slack in the handle/chain inside of the cylinder. I have included a video of this.

Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Slack in Handle

Video of issue – Vandercook 223


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Paul Moxon, Moderator
9 years ago

Glad to hear this. Here is your basic care regime:

Before each work day: use a clean rag slightly oiled with SAE 20 to wipe the cylinder bearers, bed bearers,under rails and the circumference of the carriage bearings.

End of session: Make sure that the rollers are disengaged from the oscillator (steel rollers) when not in use.

Weekly: oil the eccentrics with SAE 20 at the hinged-lid cups or beveled holes on the carriage. Use SAE 20.

You can find easily find SAE 20 in the blue and white “3-in-One” brand bottles at most hardware and big box stores.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
9 years ago

While this is not a common model, which makes more difficult to diagnose online, my experience tells me that cleaning the bearings (wheels) bearers (rails), and oiling at the eccentric holes or cups will make a tremendous difference.

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