Vandercook #3 Oscillating roller

3-missing-rollers2.jpg 3-missing-taperpin.jpgI am in the midst of restoring a Vandercook #3 and am in *big* need of an oscillating roller. I understand this is a hard piece to come by (given that it is usually sold w/ the press itself). But if anyone could further help or direct me in this search, I would be grateful. Some other needs are: *roller gears* & *Vandercook lock-up bar*. Please contact me at thanks!

Aimee Wilson

/Porchfront Factorye Press/

Philadelphia, PA

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The Arm
16 years ago

Aimee has a set of the three roller cores needed for this press, but needs an oscillating roller assembly (#3 or #4 is fine), form roller gears, and the hand crank that mounts on the rubber drive roller. She could also use a taper for the cylinder crank handle and a lockup bar or dead bar.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

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