UPDATE: The press is sold, and on its way to a happy new home in California.


Vandercook #4, serial 7594. Available in MD. Call for more details.

See here for more info about this model of press: https://vandercookpress.info/timeline/3/#4





5 thoughts on “Vandercook #4 for sale in MD- SOLD”

  1. hello – i purchased this press from preston verrine (affordable graphics).
    the press was shipped and damaged in transit.
    preston said that he would fix the damages and send me back the parts. i had the damaged pieces removed and sent to him in february.
    he has now stopped calling me back. he has all of my money and the refund from the shipping company AND all of the parts needed to fix the press.
    PLEASE BE WARNED ABOUT PRESTON VERRINE AKA AFFORDABLE GRAPHICS. It has been over 2 weeks since i last heard from him.
    if you can help me in any ways i would truly appreciate it.
    thank you much

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