Vandercook #4 gripper adjustment

We are going through the process of getting our Vandrcook #4 back into use.  One issue we have almost solved is the grippers did not move either at the feed table end or the tail end of the bed.  In addition, the foot pedal would not move the grippers at the feed table end.  We found the problem to be the pin (part no. LR-4) for the fulcrum (part no. LR-7) had sheared into three pieces.  We have resolved the problem of a replacement pin.  In addition to the pin being broken, we found that the gripper trip lever (part no. MS-125) was bent inward toward the cylinder at the bottom of the lever where it hits the set screw and a significant gouge of metal removed from the trip lever where it hit the set screw.  We are working with NAGraphics on possible replacement of the lever.  Lastly, the set screw that limits the movement of the gripper trip lever has a slight ‘S’ bend in it.  I’m sure this can easily be replaced with a visit to the hardware store.

Our question is, once we resolve all of the replacement of bent and broken pieces, what is the proper adjustments we need to make to the fulcrum, set screw and other components to get the correct movement of the grippers at both ends of the bed?  Also, any ideas on how the gripper trip lever could have been bent in towards the cylinder a good ¼ inch – the bar is ¼ in thick / 1 in wide hardened stock.


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Paul Moxon, Moderator
13 years ago

Typically, I find a 1/8″ gap between the push rod and trip bar, but if they touch I think it’s not an issue. Most likely there is wear on both parts so that they won’t. The set screw does touch.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
13 years ago

Most likely this press had tipped over at one point. This mechanism projects out the furthest, so it would have taken the worse hit. Another possibility is that some other heavy object collided with it, perhaps in transit.

The lever (MS-125) pushes out when roller (MS-68)runs over Gripper trip wedge (MS-17)at the end of the bed. See Sheet 107 of the manual.

The lever should be at degrees when the carriage is at the feed board. See the image below from Sheet 106.

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