Composing Room Cylinder

As of last Friday, my boss has asigned me the job of putting back together the disassembled Vandercook Composing Room Cylinder we have here in our shop. I have been having a hard time locating pictures of this model. Does anyone have any photos of it, or dare I say, any instruction manuals for it? There is a plaque on the side of it with the patent numbers, they are as follows:
1042848 Oct. 29, 1912
1076084 Oct. 21, 1913
1100409 June 16, 1914
1120868 Dec. 15, 1914

If anyone has any info on this press please let me know. Thanks a bundle.

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Rich Polinski
17 years ago

Hi Claire and Matt,

There must be something in the air as I will be picking up what I believe to be a Model 17 in about a week. While it is complete as far as I can tell except for the bed plate and crank handle it needs to be restored and will be the first Vandercook I’ve owned or attempted to operate. I’d be very insterested in corresponding with you as we work to get our presses up and running. Of course, I will need the same things you will such as parts lists, diagrams, etc. If you are interested my email is:

Thanks very much and I hope to hear from you.


Matt Brown
Matt Brown
17 years ago

Pardon me for jumping in on this posting but could you let me know how you get on with your #17, I will be picking same model up tomorrow morning, appears to be missing aluminium feed table, and requiring rollers recasting. Will be registering press in census once I can get serial number.
I Bought machine off ebay for £10.50,after watching it for over a week. I havent seen it yet, only numerous pictures, but hopefully will be salvageable as looks like very little surface rust.
Lastly a belated hello to all from a new member, I have been reading listings for past few months and have found it very informative.

Fritz Klinke
17 years ago

I don’t have manuals for the very early presses, but do have an illustrated parts list. This should be a relatively simple press. Some pictures of what you presently have would be a help and we can help from there. And a serial number would pin point what press it is.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
17 years ago

First you need to locate the serial number. It is five digits and should be stamped into the bed bearer (the smooth rail on either side of the bed).
Then contact “NA Graphics”: they have the original company records and should have drawings for your press. NA’s proprietor Fritz Klinke is a frequent contributor to this blog and can answer subsequent questions here as well. Fritz and I know of another person who is restoring a “Vandercook 25A”: (which may be the same model as yours). Either of us can put you in contact with her.

Also, an illustrated sales brochure for Composing Room Cylinders is available in PDF (4.4mb) on this website’s “Bibliography”: page.

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