Vandercook No.4

Hi  Paul and all,

I am new to this blog. I have a Vandercook No. 4,  Serial No 14637. My name is Michael McGarvey, Port Press, Port Republic, NJ.

I have been printing for some time, wood engravings and books. I have been using primarily an Iron hand Hoe 6027  for book work.  Apparently this particular iron hand  press is also a “proof press” due to the smaller amount of daylight between platen and bed. It has been a bear getting this one to work, but I have considerable control at this point thanks to Richard-Gabriel Rummond’s book.

The Vandercook needs attention especially the cylinder bearing. It is not printing accurately, and I have shied away from using it but now am emboldened by the technical information I find available here.  I plan to follow along the literature on the vandercook Press info site, especially on the cylinder adjustment, as well as all the other basic setup articles. This is very helpful.

Paul,  please let me know when the book will be available again. That is what I really need—a thorough reference source for the Vandercook. I hope to improve my skill with the Vandercook so that it too can be used for fine book work.



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Paul Moxon, Moderator
9 years ago

Beautiful work on your site. I address packing in my maintenance workshop, I also do one focused on presswork as well. My 2015 schedule is still developing and will almost certainly do a few on the east coast—every year sibe 2001, I’ve taught at the Center for Book Arts in New York.

I make a lot of onsite press repairs, but you’re fortunate to live near Perry Temeson a well known press mechanic. You can contact him at

Paul Moxon, Moderator
9 years ago

Welcome aboard, Michael. I’m pleased that you find useful information here. I’m always mindful that it’s a group effort.

I’ve been expecting that someone would ask me about the status of my book. It’s in the last stage before the interior goes to(digital) press. The cover will again be letterpress printed. As a teaser, I’ll say that the text is substantially revised with, at last count, thirty additional drawings and photographs. I will announce the price and availability very soon on this an other letterpress forums.

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