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I’ve located another table top press in the san francisco area. I’ve looked it up in the models index and it appears to be the second generation with the grippers but it does not have the inking tray. He’s asking $600. Is this anyone here or can anyone comment on the price etc? It comes with some accessories.

It is in the Potrero Hill area. Would it be worth taking a look at? It’s more than i was expecting, but…

thanks again for the vandercookpress site!

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  1. Not much informaton on this one–shipped Dec. 8, 1939 to American Type Founders, Los Angeles. And being dealers, they sold it to someone but no informaton got back to Vandercook. A good basic press, and it’s a start.

  2. The serial # is 8596.
    He did mention that the base might not be too sturdy.
    He also has a No.0 with base and ink plate. I’d consider setting the two up together and have a nice little place to learn on.
    Anyway, I can’t afford the big press sizes, so I’m going the low route, since I’ve got a lot to learn anyway.

  3. This seems to be a fair deal. The gearing cylinder and gripper bar provides the control of registration lacking in a gravity press. The accessories will likely comprise items such as quoins and a few sticks of furniture that you would otherwise have to buy separately. You should note that the cabinet is not original equipment and may not be up to the task, but I wouldn’t consider it a deal breaker.

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