Sp-15 form roller help!!

A friend and I just had our rollers recovered from NA Graphics and we’re sitting here putting them back together and the gear will not line up where it is suppose to. It’s the same for both sets of rollers. We’ve tried each side and every roller trying to get the gear to line up. It seems like we need to cut the roller down but this seems odd because shouldn’t the specs be correct? Please help! I’d like to have the press up and running this weekend and NA Graphics is closed until Monday. What should we do? Thanks in advance! Amanda & Berwyn

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Gerald Lange
16 years ago

RotaDyne or Petco will provide rollers at spec. If you have to cut into the rollers to fit you have a major problem. Do not do this. Return the rollers.


Eric Holub
16 years ago

The roller needs to be square cut on the gear side. If the roller was sent with bevelled ends, then you do need to cut off some rubber, maybe just enought to square off one end. Use a sharp knife, but be very careful.

Fritz Klinke
16 years ago

We are open 24 hrs a day, Try my cell at 970-387-5710 if I’m not in the office. A last name and/or press name would help me look up your account and order and see what was shipped you. Don’t start cutting away until we can figure out what the problem is.

Fritz/NA Graphics

Paul Moxon, Moderator
16 years ago

While not ideal, cutting the length seems to be your only choice if you’re on deadline. You’ve probably already done it by the time you read this.

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