No. 1

Model ID

Hi everyone. I’m new to the forum, and new to letterpress as well. I’ve taken a couple classes, and have had the press in the pictures above for years. I’ve got tons of questions about maintenance, but I’ll start with help in identifying this model. It’s a truss proof press, and the only number I …

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Two Vandercook presses spotted online for sale

In case anyone is interested and had not seen them. A no.1 And an SP-15 I wonder what the going price will be on each.

Moving a No. 1

I’ve located a small No. 1, but will need to move it over 1,000 miles. I’m wondering if anyone can tell me if I can temporarily disassemble it for transport. I just want to take it off its cabinet to fit into my truck–and, if so, what I should expect to readjust when I get …

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No. 1 Proof Press Cylinder Undercut / Registration

I have a No. 1 proof press, serial # 6327 that I picked up a while ago to print woodblock and linocuts on, plus I would love to do some small edition work, as I learn. Two questions- In reading through some posts and books, I see the impression cylinder has an under-cut. How do …

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Vandercook No.1

I’ve located another table top press in the san francisco area. I’ve looked it up in the models index and it appears to be the second generation with the grippers but it does not have the inking tray. He’s asking $600. Is this anyone here or can anyone comment on the price etc? It comes …

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