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John Henry
11 years ago

The feature is particularly good in speeding up the printing of a longer run on the press. It has been a while since I used an SP press, but I found the feature very useful when running posters and other jobs requiring multiples in the 100s of copies.

If I recall properly, you could return the cylinder to the feedboard carefully, which opened the grippers, and when the sheet was in position, you could give a little upward bump on the handle which closed the grippers just before turning the other direction to take the impression.

I just activated the auto grippers on my Universal press by replacing the fuse. It opens the grippers as the cylinder approaches the feedboard (when in “Run” mode) and closes them as the cylinder begins its forward motion. I haven’t decided whether or not I like this as you don’t get a positive register of the sheet since the cylinder appears to be in motion before the grippers bite. I may be confused in this, and if you have a bit of positive push on the sheet, it probably seats well in the stops, but I will have to do some testing with register to say I really want to use it for many things.

I can say that it is a real pain to keep my foot on the gripper pedal while running on cycle so the grippers open and close based on my foot pressure. A little thing, but if running many copies, it does get pretty old. Anybody have any tricks or suggestions to reduce the foot weariness? Don’t suggest a good foot massage after the run. They Are hard to come by.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

Paul Moxon, Moderator
11 years ago

When this is unlocked the grippers will rise just before the carriage returns to the feed board then snap back down when it comes to rest. Locking the pin down prevents this action. Auto grippers were designed for quick proofs when close register is not required. It is also the standard way way to print on a No. 3, 317 and 325A all of which do not have a pedal to open the grippers.

Locking them down also that the press emits one less sound.

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