I got a call from our local art center that the grippers on the V15-21 rise unevenly with the ones closest to the handle lower than the others. They assembly has been taken apart and cleaned. Anyone have any idea what might be the problem or where I should start looking? Cross listing on the letterpress list. Thanks – Neil

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  1. Thank you Kyle and Paul and posted to Letpress as well.

    Without (hopefully) murdering the terminology, here’s what I found.

    When I removed the gripper assembly, had someone hold it stable and pushed on the lower bar, all the grippers were raised to the height they should be which indicated that the difficulty lie somewhere between the assembly and the pedal. Upon further examination I found the nut on the small vertical bolt that is on the opposite side of the handle was missing and not stable and that the springs and collars inside the cabinet which need to be tightened and exert some tension were loose as well. Once all that was remedied as best it could be, things worked much better. They still need the correct nut for that bolt and perhaps a new spring assembly but at least it is useable right now for class. Thanks once again. Neil

  2. That press has the old-style gripper bar.

    If it has all been cleaned and lubed, then wear is probably the culprit. Is there any wear in the Trip Bar, Fingers, or the threaded tips of the grippers? Either on the ends where pieces touch, or wear at a hole where they pivot. Sounds like one or two pieces have worn down and lost their push.

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