Universal III roller gear issue

fullsizerender-9I have taken a break from printing (it’s been 4 years) and now I’m ready to get back into it. I took pretty copious notes, but for this issue, I can’t remember how to adjust or what the problem is exactly.  This piece that’s circled keeps coming loose when I put the rollers in and turn the press on.  It’s tightened when I put it in, but then it loosens and when I take the roller out, it moves from side to side.  There looks to be a spot that I can tighten the inner part with an allen wrench, but its the larger piece that I want to tighten.  However, a regular flathead screwdriver is not wide enough.  Any thoughts are much appreciated.  Carmela


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Paul Moxon, Moderator
7 years ago

This screw is X-21012. Besides the interior setscrew, there’s a dowel. together they prevent the screw from backing out. Perhaps you don’t have the dowel. A 5/16″ screwdriver is what you need to tight the outer screw. While you are at it check that the screw threads and interior threads on the roller core are not worn or stripped. If so you may be able to tap the core threads. If not then you may need to get a new core.

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