1953 Vandercook No. 4 Proof Press (serial #16261) for sale in Charlotte, NC. Originally purchased in great shape from Don Black Linecasting in December 2003 and operated from 2004-2007 for printing short run wedding invitations and has been held in covered storage from 2007 until present.

The press is in good/great shape with just a slight amount of surface rust on some of the exposed metal areas. Includes rollers (new in 2003), die cutting jacket, “home made” CNC’d aluminum 6061 polymer plate base, .050″ removable bed, and positive lock up bar all in good shape. Press mounted to 4×4 pallet with onboard casters and located on ground level of storage unit.

Miscellaneous other letterpress supplies also available (digital weight scale, various color inks, paper/envelope stock etc- please inquire).

Asking $5500 or best offer.

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