The pedal on my SP-20 has become unbearably squeaky, and I’m not sure how to access the internal parts in order to oil it. Any ideas?

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  1. In an email Samantha wrote: “I took the panel behind the cylinder off and was able to reach down and oil everything there, and sprayed it with WD-40 for good measure. And now I can use my press without losing my mind, haha.”

  2. Even easier: if the squeak is down right at the pedal (either where it pivots, or at the linkage as Paul was mentioning,) you might be able to reach underneath inside with a bottle of oil and solve the problem.

    Of course if you want to see what you’re doing, you may need to pull the sheet metal cover off behind the cylinder as described below.

  3. You can get access to the linkage on the operator’s side when you roll the carriage forward. Even though there is sheet metal partition., but you should be able to reach down with a small bottle of 3-in-One oil.

    The squeak could be further along the linkage at the yoke connecting to the arm on the backside. It could also be the spring on the shaft that passes through the impression cylinder and on which there are cams that raise the gripper pins. here you could add Vaseline.

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