Vandercook No 4 Steady Roller

During an oiling and maintenance session on our Vandercook No. 4, I noticed what I believe to be with a problem with the Steady Roller (part MR-175 on sheet no. 106 of the manual). After rolling the cylinder to the end of the bed, the Steady Rollers hang over the end of the bed. When I spin one roller it turns freely. When I spin the other roller there is a ‘stop’ in the spin about six times in a single revolution. So every 60 degrees you feel a stop happening. Is this an indication – possibly – there are six ball bearings in the roller and one has developed a flat spot? The manual shows a part X-2630 Ball Bearing. I haven’t contacted NAGraphics as yet, but was wondering if I am on the right track understanding the problem and if I should try to get the entire assembly or simply the ball bearings and roller?
John Johnson

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  1. Paul Moxon, Moderator - August 18, 2018

    Yes, you’re on the right track. I doubt that NA has the whole assembly but it doesnt hurt to ask since you have the part number.

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